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Natural remedies in bronchitis

The lungs are among the largest organs of the body and without them being functional our body could not survive. In the lungs, the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place, the air we breathe enters our body through the trachea, and these connect with the bronchi, branches of the respiratory system, the oxygen reaching the alveoli and eliminating the carbon dioxide.

Bronchitis is an inflammatory or obstructive disease that affects the airways preventing the lungs from receiving enough oxygen due to the accumulation of mucus; these accumulations can be accompanied by other symptoms such as cough, fever, chest and/or back pain, fatigue, sore throat, breathing difficulties and sometimes chills.

Bronchitis usually appears in the cold periods of the year and usually starts like a cold.

Bronchitis can be acute or chronic, the acute being caused, in general, by a bacterial infection or viruses. Acute bronchitis usually goes away on its own in a few weeks, but if the immune system is weakened, it can lead to pneumonia.

Chronic bronchitis occurs when the lungs are frequently irritated by certain external factors such as cigarette smoke, polluted air, toxins, allergens, etc.

Women get bronchitis more often than men, and the disease occurs more often in people over 45 years old.

Natural remedies:

- pycnogenol- is a powerful antioxidant that eliminates dangerous substances and protects the lungs

-quercitin- strong antioxidant and antihistaminic; for better absorption, it is recommended to combine it with vitamin C and bromelain.

-vitamin A - for faster tissue protection and healing

- coenzyme Q10 - powerful antioxidant that helps to eliminate toxic factors from the body and to improve blood circulation

- MSM (methylsulfonyl-methane) - clinical tests have shown that it is an effective anti-inflammatory in lung problems such as bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema, cysts or diseases caused by smoking.

-Vitamins from the B complex- these activate the enzymes that help heal the body in a faster way

-Garlic-natural antibiotic that helps detoxify and reduce infection in the body.

-N-acetylcysteine ​​- carrier of amino acids with sulfur helps to reduce the viscosity of the mucus in the bronchi and to eliminate it (expectorant).

- Extracts from medicinal mushrooms (Shiitake / Reishi) - increase immunity and help the body fight viral infections.

Before using any food supplement, it is necessary to consult a doctor or a specialist in the medical field.

Health, better than all!

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