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 The stars have always been a role model, especially those from Hollywood, big stars in the film, theater and music industry, actors and singers who make a positive contribution to the whole world and who deserve to be followed in their good deeds as well , their healthy lifestyle. I had the great pleasure to speak with a Hollywood star, Victoria Summer, a remarkable actress with her elegance and kindness, a singer with a golden voice and a star who played several roles in films such as: Saving Mr. Banks ( 2013) with stars like Tom Hanks, Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) directed by Michael Bay, and in 2016 she played the lead role of British assistant Eleanor in the film Game of Aces (2016) with Chris Klein and Werner Daehn. He is currently working on the Next Generation Role Model project and many other charities.   


Q.1. Thank you for agreeing to answer my questions, dear Victoria! You have adopted a healthy lifestyle and as a result you look incredible and I suppose you feel just as well, but what made you choose this lifestyle?

 A : It all started when we were doing yoga in Los Angeles and I met some people who were vegan. Since I was very young I had a dairy allergy and I didn't realize it until I was 20 years old. Through the dairy allergy I found out that I am allergic to gluten and wheat. As I learned more I understood the difference when I removed them and I started to feel much better when I only eat meatless, plants and then I became a pescatarian. From here I took another step and became vegan, and you're absolutely right it's a much healthier way of life that I enjoy very, very much. I have also noticed improvements on my skin and I think it is also important.

Photo: VictoriaSummer.com

Q2: Veganism involves not eating any more of any animal product, but this can lead to deficiencies in the body, how do you manage to keep your body at optimal levels?   

   A: I keep my body to the optimal level by working out every day, I think this is very important, I drink a lot of tea, I like to drink tea, I also I used to drink coffee ,a lot of fluids and then I started taking extra B vitamins including B12, for a long time, as far back as I can remember, in LA in 2007 I consulted with chiropractor and nationalpath and they both recommended that I take various vitamins and supplements over the years that helped my body when I was suffering of pain or just in general, so yes, vitamins, minerals, supplements are important for the diet.

Photo: VictoriaSummer.com

Q3: Do you have a special gluten free/vegan recipe that you can tell us to try?    

  A: In fact, since the lockdown I cooked more and started filming some of my recipes, I also had them online but I added them on my Youtube page and you can use any recipes, they are all vegan and gluten free on my Youtube page "Victoria Summer in the kitchen" and please use any of those recipes.     

  Q4: I would like to add one last question, I know you are working on a "Next Generation Role Model" project, can you tell us more about it?  

    A: Yes, obviously, I started out in Hollywood just with a suitcase and a dream and I achieved many of the dreams that I had written down when I was very young during in my time in Hollywood and Next Generation Role Model gives me the ability to give back to kids, and I really do think that is needed this kids are so talented but they also suffer a lot of setbacks and a lot of rejections and I think is really important that childrens and teens understand that in this business it is hard but are the ways to get through it, and I just want to help other kids to archive their dreams, to inspire and help others, to become role models and leaders.

Photo; NextGenRoleModel.com

Victoria Summer is looking for talented childrens and teens from all over the world, not only from Hollyood, so if you are dedicated to a career, you are a leader to follow in your entourage, do you dedicate yourself to charitable actions?If the answer is positive and you want to participate in a live interview on social networks with Victoria Summer, all you have to do is go to NextGenRoleModel.com page and answer the questions and sign up to enter live with Victoria Summer!

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Good luck everyone!

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