Exclusive!Tori Spelling between family life and business

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Victoria Davey Spelling (Tori Spelling) is an American actress and author, best known for her starring role in the 1990s film Beverly Hills 90210, produced by her father, Aaron Spelling.

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She has also starred in several independent films including The House of Yes (1997), Trick(1999), Scary Movie 2 (2001), Cthulhu (2007), Kiss the Bride (2007) and Izzie's Way Home(2016). She reprised her role of Donna Martin in Beverly Hills, 90210's spin-off, BH90210, in 2019.

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Spelling's autobiography, "Stori Telling," debuted on the New York Times bestseller list and was named the best celebrity autobiography of 2009, and in the following years he wrote two more successful books. Together with her husband, Dean McDermott, they had a real success with the reality show series where the two appeared together with the couple's 5 children, "playing" their true role in everyday life.

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1. How is a day in Tori Spelling's life?

TS: With 5 kids and lots of animals in our backyard farm. Everyday Is an unpredictable new experience. It’s happy chaos but never boring! I wake up in early morning to get kids settled into virtual home school. Then attend to our animals. Then, the rest of day is filled with balancing taking care of my 3 year old and working. Whether it’s my podcast 9021OMG to posting for brands, taking pitch meetings to filming to working my beauty business it’s always jammed packed. Then, we make dinner and have family night.

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2. You are a heroine mother, mother of 5 children, with different ages, how do you manage to stay in balance?

TS: Thank you! It’s no easy task but it gets done. I haven’t figured out true me time yet and often am not good at balancing life. But, I do everything with a lot of love. My motto is lead by love and you can accomplish anything.

3. What is your beauty ritual that you have adopted to look so good?

TS: I love and am passionate about my beauty line Beauty With Tori. The products have really changed my life. Especially the beauty device Lumi Spa. My skin definitely looks better now in my 40’s than it did in my 20’s even. I use Lumi Spa twice a day for two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night.

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4. You are very active on social networks and I noticed that you have a lot of knowledge in keeping your skin beautiful, what advice do you give to mothers who do not have time for them?

TS: My advice would be to limit your expectations on a skin cate regime and keep it simple. Sometimes we get too many products and then when it takes too long to do we give up on the regime. And, good skincare is about consistency. That’s why the lumi Spa is amazing because it’s just 2 min in am and 2 min in evening. Anyone, even busy moms can find that time.

5. How do you divide your family life with your business life?

TS: That’s hard for me. I haven’t mastered that yet. I’m lucky that I can work from home a lot.

6. Do you own an online business where women can buy the products you promote, how good are they and for what age are they suitable?

TS: I do own my own beauty and skincare business. It’s a business that’s 100% free to join and we are looking for team Members to work the business with me in every country across the world. You can do it all from your phone, and make the hours flexible around your families schedule. It’s also a business of major female empowerment. Appropriate for ages 18 and up. I would love people to join me on this financially freeing journey with TeamTori! They can simply go to jointori.com to start. Great side hustle!